To enter the new world, a brand is still the best vehicle: it encapsulates the direction and uniqueness and capitalizes on your values, know-how and organization. But more than anything, its emergence depends on how it takes form in today’s competitive landscape, and its relevance depends on how well it adapts to the times.

Our vantage point

Determining what makes it stand out from the competition and telling its story in the new world in a simple fashion is a complex job. The brand message is often the product of a discussion among all the parties involved. The brand must have a purpose that encapsulates its values. In order to find the right words, or simply adjust the strategy, and to make sure everyone inside and outside adheres to the brand message, we do whatever it takes to faithfully convey it (prototyping, videos, etc.). By discussing and gradually adjusting the message, the parties involved eventually come to a consensus. The studies and screening work lead to a solution implementation of which has been conceived according to the strategy and its feasibility has been tested in the field (pre-testing, tools testing (website, brochure, etc.), copy testing).

BVA advantages

BVA’s advertising consultancy teams ( LPI) have combined their know-how with brand, trend and agency experts (Limelight) to create you a new alloy: a brand message forged with the best customer, copy, management strategy and contemporary knowledge.