The brands of tomorrow must be more human, more real. They must behave like people. They must be passionate, they must fight, apologize and speak their mind. Management plays a fundamental role in making them possible. But in an environment where skepticism is expected, a brand must live up to its internal values before communicating them and must at all times provide evidence showing it can deliver on its promises.

Our vantage point

A brand narrative is an agent of transformation. It consists of more than just words. The work performed by company employees to embody and implement the brand strategy are the key to a successful transformation. In addition to the brand narrative, we help our customers vary their messages and actions depending on the parties involved. We stimulate employee engagementwith customized communications materials, and we conduct brand awareness studies for all of them. When major cultural or organizational aspects are at stake, our transformation teams assist HR and management during periods of transition or moments of crisis.

BVA advantages

To on-board everyone, each party involved has its own media. Our BVA Studio and Opinion teams (regarding the media) offer comprehensive support for content development in order to assist with various aspects  ofinternal communication (videos, computer graphics, etc.) and external communication (PR, social networks). We guide you on the content and form that will help you create an effective message.