BVA Earth is:

  • To facilitate and promote fair economic development, accessible to all, while safeguarding available resources
  • To foster the commitment of citizens, employees and associates in sound practices around the idea of living together.
  • To reduce carbon footprints and thus reduce global warming.

The many big challenges of CSR policy must be fully owned by companies and other organizations.


To place the citizen/user at the heart of systems that will strengthen the efficacy of their actions, through the use of 3 types of modules:

  • The analysis of trends and societal changes
  • The assessment of planned or committed actions
  • The design of solutions that will bring about behavioral change (Green Nudges)

Examples of it in action

  • The measurement of Sustainable Practices by citizens and the discovery of the roads for engagement (Sustainable Practices Barometer)
  • Assessing the impact of the use of telecommuting in organizations
  • Discovering ideas that will facilitate responsible green activities in HLM buildings using Unis-Cité
  • Evaluating systems: alternative traffic patterns, negative/positive bonus systems, group loans, Carbon Coach, etc.
  • Assessing the impact of climate visuals as an incentive to engagement


Fifteen years experience in the many challenges of sustainable development: biodiversity, energy efficiency/energy management, eco-mobility, responsible consumerism, circular economy, etc. We invest significantly in R&D and experimentation to widen our knowledge of the sustainable practices of citizens and the methods of engaging them. The results of this research serves to refine our marketing, communication and e-reputation systems around the theme of Sustainable Development.

Our strengths lie in the mastery of the mechanics of Behavioral Economics and Nudge to develop solutions that can change behaviors in addition to mentalities.

To learn more: Green Nudge, Change behavior to save the planet, Éric Singler, Éditions Pearson


Regis Olagne