In the new world order, elected officials do not need communicators, they need advisors. BVA’s political advisors support elected officials and candidates in the concept of securing a benefit for those they administer.

Public communication and policy consists of tales of the desires or the project of a candidate or an elected official, of a region or of an institution.

Because we all receive thousands of messages e a day, in order for public and political communication to be effective, it must be useful, economical, trailblazing and conversation worthy.


To win elections

  • Electoral campaigns run by our consultancy “The Power of Ideas”: strategy, planning, conversations, tools.
  • Ad-hoc studies that foster discourse
  • Media training meetings in our studio and the coaching of candidates and elected officials
  • The use of opinion experts and behavioral economics experts

Assistance in regional transformation

  • Analysis and support for adjustments in personal communication and the institutional communication of elected officials
  • Performance of regional image measurements, the impact of communication
  • Structuring and rollout of regional brands
  • Helping you win national battles


Your advisors live for electoral campaigns and political strategy; thus far they have conducted:

  • 344 local campaigns
  • 157 legislative campaigns
  • 13 presidential campaigns on 4 continents with our think tank spindoctors paris


The combination of advice and research makes BVA a unique actor in the support of elected officials and of regions. Our experts from local communities are on the cutting edge of trends and the understanding of citizen/consumer/user behavior, as well as of behavior communication and transformation techniques (Nudge).


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