In the new world, your brands continually receive 4 kinds of shocks:

  • A technological shock: Business models are upended by e-commerce, uberization, new entrants
  • A generational shock: changes to forms of organization, tele-commuting, horizontality, questioning hierarchies.
  • A global shock: the rise of global production, its relationship with distribution and sales, new risks
  • A democratic shock: communities, sharing, upward and downward communication, conscious consumers


To bring about change, you need to increase your brand awareness and make it an inseparable part of your business plan and territory.

Our method: we put the customer knowledge and methods of an entire consulting firm to work for your brand.

Real examples

We’ve helped many big brands change both how they see themselves internally and how the outside world perceives them.

  • Helping a leader of the creative and cultural industries to change sectors
  • Pushing a food industry group to commit to a cause
  • Rebuilding an insurance group’s brand platform
  • Rewriting a pharmaceutical laboratory’s business plan


BVA’s expertise allows you to guide your brand in both directions: upward feedback with management on the trends and the narrative you want to tell; and a downward analysis to help steer your brand thanks to our capacity to understand behaviors.


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