When managing a point of sale network, the teams on the ground may perceive the experience provided to the customer differently than corporate management.

How to see that your plan is executed faithfully while ensuring all links in the managerial chain remained aligned and all actors are held individually accountable.


Our methodology consists of 5 stages:

  • Audit your vision
  • Observe how sales are made and how they deviate from the vision
  • Collaborate with corporate to make an action plan
  • Sales/supervisor coaching
  • Monitoring and follow-up

Real examples

  • In a restaurant chain, ensuring that all team in contact with the customer work together and not alone.
  • At a clothing store, standardizing how sales representatives, as creators of change, speak to customers.
  • In a supply network, aligning all franchises to the selling ceremony defined by the franchisor.
  • In a contact center serving an energy supplier, monitoring the individual quality for compliance with internal standards and assisting middle management in implementing corrective actions.


Over 15 years of experience and global capability in a variety of different sectors. We help you improve performance on KPIs related to different points of physical contact in real time with a macro vision and flexibility tailored to your operations.

We examine your whole chain of command, and the rules of engagement are clear: collaborators commit to the customer experience and are held accountable.


Ludovic Nodier