You’re often the first to sense and perceive the big transformations that do away with old models. To succeed in the world of the future, you have to:

  • Embody your company’s vision
  • Tell a story with a future where you can take all of your partners and targets with you.

Because your ideas will always be the best, we’re at your side to give them power, strength and ambition, your ambition.


Our team of political advertising, brand and image strategy and change management experts acts as your sparring parting, advises you and acts when necessary to bring your idea to life.

Because we identify opinions and trends, we know your needs of tomorrow. We boost your communication, and we manage with you the crises that shake you.

The actions we take to help you achieve your ambitions:

  • Writing and sharing your business/local project
  • Winning elections (political, at a company or in a particular sector)
  • Building your personal image strategy and implementing it using good tools
  • Guiding you in change management and internal communication
  • Managing internal and external crises

Real examples

  • Coaching the CEO of a leading entertainment company in the digital revolution;
  • Lending credibility to the director of one of the first food processing groups to help him become a leading voice in his sector;
  • Coaching the CEO of an asset management firm in creating and launching a big rebranding campaign for his company;
  • Coaching the board of directors of a real estate group in changing their sales pitch to elected leaders to gain access to new markets;
  • Managing the image and crises of a leading video game maker together with company leaders.


Our consulting experts who have been coaching public and private leaders for years count on a whole ecosystem of BVA industry specialists who are on the cutting edge of anticipating behaviors and trends.


Our team will call you for with a quick and free response