In an economy that is dependent on digital transition, the Customer Experience (CX) now assumes a role in all of the areas of an organization asan optimized transformation process for the Customer Relations principle.

To define and adapt new practices in a CX strategy means understanding the customers’ path and managing your associates’ contact with them.

From the reception to the processing of data, we help you to determine the best practices for obtaining customers and keeping them loyal, allowing you to predict attrition rates and develop action plans that will optimize your e-reputation.


Organizations need expert assistance in defining their objective, the means to be put in place, the tools to use, the resources to allocate, the processes to adopt, the management methods to integrate, and the budgets to devote to them.

BVA proposes a 3 step Advice system:

  • The strategic definition of a dedicated CX plan:

– diagnosis of the state of Customer Relations and the commitment of associates

– a roadmap of objectives and resources: customer path indicators and management solutions, analysis, modeling new business processes, etc.

  • On the ground Implementation and support:

– Measurement tools and collection principles, contextualized questions, organization and training

– Data processing, management of results, action plans

  • Transformation management:

Definition and implementation of a cross-services strategy (brand > customer)

– Adoption and promotion of the program by the managers (brand > associates)

– Creating loyalty, managing and monitoring the change management plan (with “scalability”)


For a leading global Energy company, where customer service quality assurance is one of the main factors in its growth, our support is likewise global:

  • Quality Monitoring and Customer FeedBack on customer paths
  • Delegated Quality Monitoring and verbatim analysis
  • Management of reports and action plans

Several thousand associates involved in a managed transformation system.


For this kind of support, BVA offers to its clients its expertise in many areas: Research, Data Science, Mystery Shopping, platform tools: Quality Monitoring, Customer Feedback Management, etc. All of this is performed in a consistent environment to ensure that the construction of efficient loyalty strategies that are tailored to the fundamental change in the digital paradigm is a joint effort with the client organization.