A CX transformation doesn’t work unless the people implementing it are committed to it everyday. And the resistance to change is never lacking! For example, too often efforts focus on the front office, even though the back office directly impacts an organization’s capacity to meet customer needs or address customer problems.

Our point of view

A successful transformation focuses on technological and cultural aspects. Managerial support is therefore essential to onboard people, bring tools to life and adapt processes in a team-oriented company dynamic.

BVA guides you on how to implement CX measures in a change process (continuous improvement or transformation). Our support solutions (change management, sales training, operations debriefing, mirror studies, work environment) allow you to keep people motivated over the long term and maintain the customer focus in everyone’s mind, regardless of the constraints that always tend to pull focus back onto the service itself.

BVA advantages

BVA partners with Esprit de service, a leader in CX transformation standards. Labelled as a training firm, they assist your managers and HR personnel with all the human aspects necessary to successfully implement a customer focus. As its trusted partner, BVA also specializes in internal studies and is well versed in communicating with personnel representatives in order to manage the change process.