Demographic, transactional, behavioral, attitudinal… never have the sources of your customer data been so numerous and so varied. Often in structured or unstructured silos, the flow of data is growing both in size and speed. You realize that access to quality data when you need it and the expertise to develop it and refine it are key to generating a good ROI.

Our point of view

Whether massive or not, the right information helps you with daily operations, assists with decision-making and shows the ROI of your actions.

Operationally, our data scientists help you target your customers more consistently, predict their appetite for your offers, activate recommendations, increase the return on your prospecting campaigns and reduce the attrition and complaint rates of your customers. The effects of these actions can be immediately measured by your marketing and customer relations departments.

Strategically, our sector experts advise you on what sources to combine to guide your decisions and improve your customer knowledge, and they also show you later the ROI of your operations.

The BVA advantages

BVA has a team of data scientists who work very closely with data and IT experts to help you manage all your data needs: data integration, security, structuring and advanced data analysis.