Mastering the CX may appear complex because it’s multi-dimensional (perception, delivery, immediate reaction, delayed reaction) and relies on multiple sources of data. The spread of technological solutions and preconceived notions do not make choices easier, and splitting up the services in question often makes it harder to provide them.

Our vantage point

A tool is only as good as its user! And focusing on a tool or a score misses the point: improving your customers’ lives and making life easier for your collaborators.

From the very start, you need to take steps to make sure managing the CX is simple so that the people who provide it can improve it. With our industry experts, we help you with goals, deadlines, operations, integration, etc. A dedicated representative can help you decide which tools and which actions are best suited to your situation (feedback management, satisfaction surveys, quality monitoring, mystery shopping, platforms, DIY) and can offer personal support solutions (engaging your collaborators).

With BVA it’s no longer a question of advice vs. tools . You’re choosing a global firm that provides specialists from all sectors to  assist you everyday.

BVA advantages

In addition to having all of these industry experts under one roof, BVA also has  its very own digital factory that is well versed in all of the technological solutions available on the market. We also guarantee you centralized project management and help you integrate solutions with faster and simpler start ups. What’s more, our innovation team helps create and co-manage innovative features, particularly with outsourcers.