Changing behavior is a big wager. The key behaviors to change for healthier businesses and society include:

  • Guiding the transformation within the business, improving the well-being of collaborators at work, improving motivation and performance, reducing absenteeism…
  • promoting compliance, improving satisfaction at the hospital, encouraging healthy eating habits…
  • Encouraging new, positive behaviors at home and at work (travel to and from work, consumption, waste, energy, etc.)

An example?

  • Using a platform to advise businesses and institutions on which visuals to use in their engagement campaigns aiming to limit climate change.
  • Putting a lemon-scented air freshener at the entrance of the intensive care unit to nudge attending personnel to wash their hands before entering has increased use of the hand sanitizer dispenser from 15% to 43%.
  • Guiding businesses through a successful digital transformation by helping sales forces learn to use new CRM software.

Our point of view

A change in behavior  doesn’t have to be dramatic. It takes several small steps on the Ladder of Change:

  • Prepare the terrain,
  • Engage without effort,
  • Facilitate the choice,
  • Encourage in a pleasant manner.

The Ladder of Change guides the information/awareness/change (campaign) content selection process and helps create Nudges by creating levers that can be activated at each step.

The BVA advantages

  • “Organization Transformation” teams well versed in nudge management dedicated to public and private actors.

  • “Healthcare” teams dedicated to actors from the healthcare sector.

  • Expert knowledge of the issues and topics inherent to sustainable development and societal changes.
  • Experts in regional change and specific citizen/user issues.