BVA has assisted the French government on multiple topics in perception studies on a variety of mechanisms (bonus-malus, road space rationing, the Ecophyto Plan, etc.) by creating nudges that make the citizen the focus of government concern and action.

An example?

Compared to paper income tax forms, making filing online the default choice for a large number of citizens helped increase the number of online filings by 1.1 million from 2013 to 2014.

Our point of view

Use nudging as a complement to classic evaluation/perception studies public policies. This makes the citizen the focus of government concern and action.

Remove micro-barriers to behavior by activating levers of behavioral economics summarized in the acronym “FACTEURS DE CHANGEMENT” (FACTORS OF CHANGE), in which each letter represents a potential lever.

Sweating the details and implementing them regardless of big conceptual ideas.

The BVA advantages

  • Our experience with perception studies
  • We’re the pioneer of nudging in France

  • BVA Earth’s commitment to green nudging on matters of Sustainable development.