When you want to reinforce your marketing, communications and sales tools, merely transmitting correct information is not enough to encourage the desired behavior; Nudge acts as an additional leverage tool.

Its areas of expression:

  • To reanimate brands, markets and use via packaging, in the home, through observation or prescription practices and more.
  • To optimize the ROI of the call to action during the entire customer path: cross-selling, engagement, online interactions, payment, etc.


By creating a detergent package which says “wash at 30°”, Ariel gives its consumers the right information at the right moment, when they are deciding on a course of action, encouraging them to save energy by washing at a temperature lower than 40°. Encouraging virtuous use, which is in line with today’s consumer desires, in addition to successful positioning for the brand!

Our viewpoint

Consider the Nudge an additional lever for strategies already in place. The Nudge does not replace communication or marketing. It is an add-on, with a goal of optimizing these actions.

Involve all of the stakeholders and rely on “on the ground” observations when creating Nudge.

The BVA advantages

  • A Nudge creation process twice awarded ESOMAR.
  • A Nudge and Behavioral Economics expertise which uses proprietary operational tools to help you think differently to produce new ideas.