Innovation and renovation are no longer just a matter of marketing, they’re a matter of experience and business model that also integrates the sales channel as a part of this experience. Keeping offers coherent in different channels is a major challenge, and the capacity to identify a customer’s needs during a micro-moment and provide a fast and easy response (in particular with a mobile device) is the new frontier.

Our point of view

Observation, customer feedback and co-creation are the cornerstones of our innovation and renovation methods (design thinking, nudging). To refine your mixes prior to testing them, multiple methodologies can help you prioritize options (price testing, product line testing, trade off analysis, value analysis, etc.).

To test the traction of your offers, we prefer observing behavior in context by simulating purchases or uses within a real sales environment (testing offers, packaging, e-commerce site, merchandise testing, etc.). And even after launch, optimization is also a matter of continuous feedback, whether dealing with data (CRM, target channel affinity analysis, product line optimization) or people  (feedback management, mystery shopping follow-up, etc.).

The BVA advantages

The BVA Factory is a unique place for experimentation where co-creation meets immersion. Sales (replica store), reception (studio) and user (kitchen) spaces allow you to recreate the customer experience (user, shopper, connected consumer) right where the prototyping is taking place. However, as soon as it becomes feasible, our shopper studies take place in the theater of operations: your stores, and the life of the customer.