The arrival of Amazon Go is the next challenge for physical commerce: there are no longer any more pure players. Making the customer’s life extremely easy has become the key to competitiveness, regardless of the channel. A fluid, end-to-end phygital experience will make the difference, starting with the mobile experience, which is often the first point of customer contact. Digitalization will also help boost two key business aspects: personalization and local presence.

Our point of view

If some services are created to make shopping easier (delivery, trials, return, etc.), others are invented to improve the customer’s life experience in general because life doesn’t stop at the store entrance (especially at shopping malls, airports, etc.): we try to offer services locally and continue the journey afterward so that the entire ecosystem benefits (other businesses, social networks, towns, etc.). Our consulting methodologies (design thinking, nudging) consist of focusing energies around a common vision of the customer in his/her environment (trends). Tomorrow, all business formulas will possible: brick and click, pop-up stores, private sales, showrooms and online sales, stores within stores, etc. Data analysis (product, customer, journey, site) will be help the winning formulas.

The BVA advantages

Get reacquainted with what’s going on in your stores: our  BVAStudio puts you back in touch with the reality on the ground with mini videos (observations, slices of life, interviews) and makes the organization aware of the impact certain practices have on customer perception. From the board to the back office, everyone, regardless of their position, needs to be committed to addressing today’s challenges that negatively affect the customer experience or hold sales staff back.