Technological advances, including electronic, mobile and social commerce, bring about new behaviors (ROPO/ROBO) and create new needs (immediacy, effortlessness). New actors propose standards of service that accelerate the obsolescence of traditional models, and all interfaces, including vendors, must contribute to a smoother and friendlier purchasing experience, with all the challenges that come with mastering some many channels.

Our point of view

Technology proposes, the user disposes: he whounderstands user habits (attitude and habit studies, understanding the customer journey), what motivates the user and the problems the user encounters (ethnography, shopping studies) will know how to target future customer (segmentation). But careful, some habits form very early, and post-millennials are already rewriting the rules! To acquire new customers, brands must remain vigilant (social monitoring, explore trends) to grasp post-millennials’ habits, without, however, disorienting their present clientele.

The BVA advantages

BVA observes customer habits associated with a wide variety of sectors: e-commerce, cloud storage, travel retail, online banking, consumer goods, including new patient journeys, e-health and more. The insights from this versatility inspires our customers in in each of their sectors. Our post-millennial observatory provides crucial insight on what  the standards of tomorrow will be.