Process standardization and scripted customer service under imposed digitalization strip the front office of responsibility. Beauty advisors, personal shoppers, sales reps, office managers, call center operators… Focusing on technology instead of the individual often ignores the emotional  component that each brand representative is actually supposed to provide to the customer. Nevertheless,greater trust and autonomyare the keys to a re-humanized customer service that can make the difference in today’s market.

Our point of view

Before working on attitudes, we give everyone the means to pursue their customer service objectives and work on behaviors. To do so, there’s nothing better than tackling the reality of the terrain. Our mystery shoppers and quality monitoring missions restore managers’ respect for processes but also provide a list of internal tasks that pollute the quality of the customer service. A starting point to managing change is to adopt tools (for example sales tablets) and then undergo a collaborative building phase that guarantees a benefit to the user. And based on the customer studies, we train sales personnel to adapt their responses to customer typology and psychology in order to improve their performance in transactions and customer relations.

The BVA advantages

BVA offers continuous improvementtraining programs (HR/Sales Teams). Operations debriefings use our corrective actions and field observations to develop ways to motivate people (and not evaluations/punishment). Gamified performance management, positive feedback, exchanging best practices and customer slices of life are some of the tools used to create conditions favorable to success. Involving managers allows you to activate all the levers of daily life: developing skills and motivating, in addition to recruiting talent.