Access to the labor market and development of the employability of workers is at the heart of employment policies in a background of difficult economic times marked by a high unemployment rate, which mostly affects the young, the long term unemployed, and seniors. Are the current measures for encouraging their entry into and continued participation in the labor market effective? Do the trainings that are offered attain their objectives? What are the expectations of economic actors today?


Relying on demanding methodologies   that are closest to each of the targets (long term job seekers, first time entrants, seniors, etc. ) and that evaluate the real impact of the various actions taken in terms of the initial objectives, we can give you the right tools for monitoring career tracks that highlight the evolutions of these career tracks (efficient access to jobs, acquisition of new skills, success in professional retraining, etc.)


Go beyond just satisfying a need, and instead measure the real impact of the action on the professional career track of the beneficiary.

Use the objectives of each action to evaluate their performance.


Laurent Bernelas
Directeur d’activité Interne et Corporate