Quality data is a prerequisite for the proper long term use of the data in your information system. If you want to optimize your marketing and sales operations, you must integrate them, clean them, refine them, supplement them and modify them on a main daily basis.


The audit of the data in an IT system is a three step process:

  • The informational audit, to understand the meaning and quality of the data
  • The usage audit, to understand the business purpose of each datum and to identify missing data
  • The definition of the ideal data referential and the appropriate corrective process.

Our solutions proposal is made up of three complementary building blocks that correspond to three important uses:

  • DmrP, an advanced storage and modeling platform in SAS mode for all of your data, independent of their format and their sources
  • BVA Inside, a predictive algorithm that can be executed on your data without having to leave your IT system or your host
  • BVA on Demand, to access rare marketing data sourced by BVA, which is constantly changing to improve your own data on demand.


The volume of data is less important than the intrinsic quality of the data themselves. In addition, the tools are only the support for modeling, and our choice of standard and open tools lets you use them regardless of what your internal solutions are.


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