Citizen Communities allow us to interact frequently, in a flexible and collaborative manner, with a group of citizens who are permanently mobilized for immediate assistance in the decision making process

By relying on a collaborative approach that is centered on the themes under study, the Citizen Communities seek to both understand how the opinions and trends of society are formed and evolve, and to identify signs of weakness, changes in the making in real time, so as to be able to anticipate the needs and expectation of citizens.


Online citizen communities can bring together over 500 people with recognized expertise for several months: within the framework of the POP2017 system, BVA has launched an online citizen community that is dedicated to following the presidential campaign. During the entire campaign, more than 600 persons will have daily discussions regarding topics in the news.

The online platform offers multiple functionalities that let the members interact and capture opinions (public discussions, private discussions, flash questions, live chats, shared videos, etc.), with leadership/moderation by specialists and community managers.


To have a diversify of participants, to enrich exchanges while reinforcing the overall legitimacy of the system.

To create a moral contract in a relationship of confidence with a community of associates, lending meaning to it and instilling a desire in the members to invest their time.

To follow such a system, and create a true relationship, the members must perceive that there is an individual interest/benefit to their participation and collective leadership.


Groupe BVA