Travel counters are decision support tools for the optimization   and improvement of the quality of rail services – The CELEC Web Application lets you consult the traffic data online for each period and each level (train, station, line, axis)

The collection of related data (bikes, folding bikes, Groups, wheel chair users) allows you to take into account new movement modes, so that you can implement new equipment or new solutions.


With an ability to install any type of field system from the smallest (less than 10 counters) to the largest (more than 1,500 counters), and vast experience in the industry (more than 20 years with all types of counting machines), we guarantee the quality of the data by deploying trained supervising teams.

The collection of the data on mobile support improves the management of the field, it lets you feed a field web feed in real time, guaranteeing quick reaction to difficult situations (change in systems, social movements, bad weather, traffic disturbances, etc.)

The validation rules are integrated in the data collection tool to ensure consistent results and to obtain a   data base that meets your needs.


  • Adapt the methodology to guarantee the reliability and quality of the service.
  • Understand the scope and challenges and anticipate difficulties related to working in the field.
  • Validate the data made available before beginning.


Groupe BVA