After the era of products, then the era of marketing, we have clearly fully entered the era of Customer Experience. It is essentially that that has differentiated brands and allowed them to be successful.
In an omni-channel world, the customer experience is varied, as are their expectations. To optimize the client experience therefore becomes not only a demanding issue, but a decisive one. In addition to optimization, the most radical change (if you want to meet expectations that change, not only constantly, but dramatically) is to be ahead of the name brands (Airbnb was not created to improve hotel service). For this reason, a multi-sectorial approach is always useful if you are looking to benchmark and identify best practices.


Based on the highly specialized expertise in each of the CX components (mystery shopper, quality monitoring, cold and hot satisfaction surveys, bridge to internal data, using advanced data science techniques), our CX system gives you the ability to offer a truly 360° experience.
With a very experienced support team, the CX system lets you confidently handle all of the topoics, to study them so as to identify the actions to take and, if need be, to work on issues internally: your daily CX team are the employees of the company (involve them, talk to them and motivate them so that they can give you their best).
The system’s upstream and downstream flows are constantly monitored: Upstream, so that each person involved is in agreement with the process and contributes to it, in line with the company’s strategy. Downstream, so that the results of the various followups translate within the platform to operational action steps. The CX system gives you an overall system that optimizes the cost/efficiency ratio, for each of the choices offered.


Pay attention to the noise of KPI studies: in the monitoring process, for the optimization and transformation of CX, you must have a real strategy that is implemented in cooperation with internal efforts so that all of the strengths of the company are working in the same direction. Different monitoring that offers contradictory messages are really counterproductive and risks undermining the credibility of the entire system.

To avoid this hurdle, it is necessary to follow a 4 step process:

  • Prioritize the CX objectives in terms of business strategy
  • Involve all of the stakeholders
  • Choose the KPI, their frequency and depth
  • Focus efforts on the cross checking of the value generated data


Jean-François Levionnois