Improving your database with third party sources (studies, BtoB, BtoC customer bases, open data, other data bases) by extrapolating the results of an analysis on a sample of the entire database is an economical and very efficient way to add key data, which will allow you to target your marketing and customer relations activities more finely. A way to find new uses of your data: those stored in your CRM, those captured by your digital ecosystem and those collected by your distributors and partners.


Our method for improving data by extrapolation is based on a number of research studies that have succeeded in improving data from external sources that are often smaller than the source to be improved. This method lets us assign a typology from a study to your database through statistic extrapolation. The key knowledge base of the method is the pre-design of structure questions, the correct breakdown of the extrapolation variables and the choice of the most appropriate extrapolation model. Our mastery of the data improvement process through extrapolation will allow you to increase the value of your data at a minimum cost.


You can use prior studies to improve your database, but only under certain conditions, especially regarding the size of the common sample between the study and the database, which must not be lower than 500 items. The Web is the cheapest source for collecting external data, but presents biases that must be studied to be mastered properly.


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