To understand the Q score of your customers for your new products, to increase the success rate of your marketing campaigns of your prospects, and to reduce the customer complaint and attrition rate.


Predictive scores (propensity score, credit risk score, attrition score, Q score) are delivered either through a database of individual scores or in the form of an integrated API in your system, and maintained remotely. The modeling of data mining/machine learning (co-occurrence of a purchase, forecasts or calculations of customer value, spatial projection, etc.) helps you to improve your data and listening to what they have to say will improve your insights. The DmrP solution lets you give your data to us, no matter what the volume or type. The BVA Inside solution lets you act directly on our advanced models using SAS analysis applications.


To adopt predictive auto learning models if your objective is repetitive scoring, for example, daily or weekly. Use BVA Inside if your objective is to automate your scoring or if your data cannot leave your IT system or your host


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