At a time when social networks are exploding, where all information is available almost instantaneously, a good employer brand for a company is indispensable today, in order to attract talent and retain the high flyers. More than a tool limited to the sphere of Human Resources, managing the employer brand is a true lever of competitiveness for big companies as well as small ones.


BVA offers you a complete range of tools for a totally comprehensive view of your employer brand:

  • A multi-channel view: web analysis, social medias and collection of opinions via our survey tools
  • An internal and external multi-target view: young graduates, opinion leaders, newly unemployed, employees, etc. The purpose of this 360° approach is to activate the targeted action levers on the specific audiences.


The success of the system lies in taking into account all of the eco system that may have an impact on the employer brand. The definition of the eco system is therefore key.

Several questions help us to define it:

  • What are the targets?
  • What are the distribution channels to reach the targets?
  • What are our means of action?

The answer to these questions allows us to better adapt the research system to the objectives we wish to achieve.


Laurent Bernelas
Directeur d’activité Interne et Corporate