Interview your customers, by email or text message, on their experience immediately following contact with your company, so you can identify the constructive or destructive value factors and quickly identify unsatisfied customers. Feedback management allows you, on a daily basis, to understand the sources of dissatisfaction and to take the appropriate corrective actions, both to instill loyalty and to minimize those contacts which add the least value to their experience.


Hubicus puts all of the tools at your disposal that will let you work independently, in an intuitive manner and in real time, to create, launch and monitor satisfaction surveys. These tools allow you to systemize customer feedback after contact, for improved reactivity and efficiency. The Feedback Management tool can be paired with CRM to centralize customer intelligence in favor of a global CX improvement system.


Take advantage of the support of an Hubicus expert to design your first questionnaire and start your team out expertly. Adapt and mix your solicitation channels (telephone, email, text messaging) depending on the communication method of your customer. Depending on the results obtained, perform an assessment of the delivered quality. Give access to the results to each associate in the company and make them participants in your centralized customer system.


Brieuc Langlois
Directeur Général Adjoint Hubicus