Mobility is at the heart of public policies for the management of the region and the incentive for new practices. Geomarketing tools serve for the analysis of the market or of its potential, together with the characteristics of the regional environment, and rely on methods that make the most of the assorted regional data, possibly in connection with the CRM data.


The 2 pillars of our approach:

  • The knowledge and the measurement of mobility: sector expertise that will guide you in the methodology and the measurement tools, as well as in the design of indicators that are best suited to your needs and expectations.
  • Expertise in the structure and use of geomarketing data: tools and methods for structuring and analyzing spatial data and retrieval tools that make the operational reading of the results much easier.


Make the most of all of the available information: before beginning the measurement, review the objectives and all of the available data, both internal data and market data (including open data). But also perform a critical reading of all of the data sources: our sector experts are able to help you detect the biases or technical limits of the challenges of the data used, and can propose the most appropriate corrective measures.


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