• Manage your action and communication strategy
  • Increase the reputation and the knowledge level of your brand
  • Study the perceived image, values and personality of your brand in terms of your objectives (desired image), measure the disparity between representations and reality
  • Define the relevant communication levers to reduce these disparities and optimize your image Identify your strategic targets and the reliable communication codes to address these targets: positioning, language elements, timing, channels
  • Measure the impact of your communication campaigns against your brand’s short, medium and long term image
  • Gain a better understanding of the attitudes and expectations of your target


Our approach is characterized by:

  • A 360° vision of your brand: combine our expertise in corporate branding, commercial branding and communication to better understand the total picture of your brand and better understand the mechanisms for building its reputation
  • Our ability to look closely at your targets, B to B or B to C (the larger public, citizens, consumers, users, opinion leaders, etc.)
  • A true strategic support, in a partnership context: go beyond simple diagnostics/brand equity, and together build an operational definition, with relevant and thorough recommendations for actions and communication, helping you anticipate crises as well as opportunities


Building a “capital image” is a process that is meant to last, and is the result of a progressive stratification work.

Therefore, it is recommended that you:

  • Think about the image and reputation study as a system that is both renewable over time and changeable according to the context of the communication style of the brand
  • Follow the image of your brand over time: once the first phase of conceptualization is complete, quantitative measures can be taken at regular intervals to validate the change in your brand image, to evaluate the positive impact of the corrective actions implemented, to identify the weak signals that are potentially dangerous to the brand image, or, on the other hand, may be a positive tool to exploit


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