In most markets, it is difficult to separate the offer from the customer experience. It is therefore decisive for brands to offer “good offers” to “good targets” in order to create satisfaction and long lasting loyalty:

  • test new offers at the beginning to optimize them and make sure that they truly meet market expectations.
  • and, for disruptive innovations, it is important to understand the rate of early adopters, who then support growth.


BVA has all of the tools that let you customize the test to the specifics of your offer and the target:

  • to optimize the offer and therefore increase its chances of success,
  • to calculate the potential that is attainable and describe its dominant features.
  • to state the various aspects of an offer (a range or a system of options) to meet the needs of a heterogenous customer base and customize it for different targets (supplementary health insurance will be different for a young bachelor, for a family or for a retiree with a risk of short term dependency).

To optimize your chances of success, we concentrate on supply and demand – targeting the markets that are often saturated and extra informed (thanks to digital information) on those for whom this dynamic of cohesion between products and expectations is a key factor in success.

Our techniques also let you determine the optimal price level face to face with the “costs of production” that the brand presents to us.


  • Be careful not to stay at the level of a vague concept (the concept test requires other more open and exploratory methodological approaches that allow you to go to a concrete offer concept).
  • The presentation of the offer must be as close as possible to that in the real world, even if it is at the test stage; nothing is fixed and the purpose of the test is to find the best answer.
  • Be careful also if a choice of methodology tradeoff is offered for consistency (and independence) of the variables. A bad plan creates biased conclusions and “dubious” offers.


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