Opinion surveys let us identify, measure, understand and analyse what the French think as citizens, on very varied topics that cover their everyday lives, their values or   their perceptions of society and its actors (political, institutional, private).

By putting the stronger trends to the test, they allow us to better understand changes in society.

Highly customizable, opinion surveys can target only a specific population (the young, women, employees) or concern public professionals (company heads, elected officials) and be conducted on a very local level (the inhabitants of a town or a neighborhood) or an international level (surveys in several countries).


With a varied palette of methodologies, depending on what must be focused upon (quantitative surveys by internet, telephone or face to face) or more targeted on a problem (qualitative studies), the tools adapt to the requirements and problems of our clients: “hot” measurements taken within 24 hours or implementation of large scale systems to study a topic in depth.

Innovation is at the heart of our thinking   and it enables us to renew and continually adapt methodologies (consideration of the optimization of questionnaires, deliverables, new ways to “pay attention” to opinions), to go beyond the simple juggling of figures, proposing recommendations that rely on a 360° analysis of the sources available (surveys, of course, but also analysis of web trends, citizen communities, trend books, etc.)


The three indispensable prerequisites for a successful opinion survey:

  • A quality questionnaire
  • A rigorous and flexible methodology
  • Strong support for the gathering and comprehension of the data