Choose between different paths to optimize the range and the products or services offered; mix them to:

  • Better respond to your customers’ needs and expectations
  • Build your market share
  • Limit cannibalization.


The success of an optimization study of a proposal requires collaborative effort at the beginning of the project to evaluate the current challenges of the approach and its context, so as to choose the trade-offs or the turf best suited for the problem and the market.

This expertise covers:

  • Generating an experience plan that is suited for the context of the study
  • Thinking about the question and the implementation of the field work with an aim to both offer respondents a realistic choice and to make study material available to them so they are able to provide the right answers to the questions. An analysis based both on methodological experience and on sector expertise can offer operational recommendations and objective elements for decision making, made available through a simulator that allows for a visualization of the effect of different options.


These methods must be used with Customer Centric, and the choice offered to the interviewees should be as close as possible to the actual choices that consumers would be confronted with in the real world. Opting for estimates that are broken down will allow you to take into account individual breakdowns, to gain precision and to better evaluate the phenomena of cannibalization. The price should be displayed, but not be a quality to emphasize: the price effect is always overestimated in a trade-off!