In the initial phase, an expert shopper is a good basis to start from. Screening tools to choose the most efficient creative directions.

In the validation phase, a precise diagnosis for the right go/no go decision.   Clear optimization recommendations to maximize the effectiveness of your packaging.


PRS IN VIVO is the world leader in packaging testing. More than 1,000 studies per year feed our global data base.

The offer presents a suite of unique services, throughout the world, providing the most reliable responses no matter what stage your project is at: Quality, Quantity, Shopper Lab studies, release, online, Eye Tracking and mobile tracking, volume forecast.

Implementation of the most relevant techniques to establish a precise diagnosis, always including clear action recommendations, allowing you to maximize your chances of successful packaging, of   making a persuasive argument with your partners.


  • Consider the fundamentals of Shopper marketing, from the beginning of the development pack process.

  • Provide for earlier stages, for example “expert session” workshops, knowledge sharing that ensures you are on the right track.

  • Break down barriers by going above the sole measure of performance packaging by thinking about use, which should bring about repeat purchases and increased volumes.

  • Work on useful targets, made up above all of shoppers, faced with the packaging on shelf displays and likely to choose… or not!


Patrick Pinard