• Evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns and publicity statements in an environment that has too much information and a growing difficulty in capturing the attention of your target audience: are your communications being heard? Understood? Appreciated? Motivational?
  • Identify the key factors of success, in terms of creating a media plan to optimize the distribution of your campaign or to improve your future communication actions


Recognized experience in the evaluation of communication: since 2012, public entities (governments, ministries, INPES, etc.) have trusted all of their post testing to BVA. BVA conducts permanent monitoring of changes in communication and the media environment to tailor its tools and improve its recommendations.

Our proposal is unique in its ability to analyze the strength of your creations and the relevance of your media plan, thanks to taking probable or actual media exposure into account (our tool Postclear), with particular focus on the evaluation of the effectiveness of campaigns centered on motivation indicators, calls for action or drive to. We also offer a perspective on your results using our data bases and standards by sector, media, targets, and budget.


Think about timing! Over solicitation and an increase in messages lead to increased discounting and therefore you should launch a post-test as close as possible to the dates of the diffusion of your campaign Think about the target of your campaign!

Do not hesitate to resort to super samples or to concentrate directly on the target population Consider analyzing both the impact of the design and the media plan! Promote a method that ties the performance of the campaign to the probable or actual level of exposure.


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