An publicity statement for a brand is always a risk. It is an investment that must generate revenue, they are measures of impact, awareness and appeal that must be achieved, they are marketing objectives that must be met.

In brief, it is a tactical and/or strategic action that must be reliable and be presented with smoothness and precision.

To test, validate or optimize a creative path, a position or a message and collect the first elements of potential image effects for the Brand and its proposal, the qualitative pre-test is a valuable support to use before the production of any media (films, posters, etc.) and their mass distribution.


A publicity statement must be placed precisely in a social context and a market context to be assessed and evaluated fairly. This is what we routinely do, using our monitoring tools and sector expertise on the one hand, and BVA Trends and innovation on the other. This approach allows us to provide a precise and relevant diagnosis of the communication project and the paths for reworking it and operational optimization that allows for rebriefing and redirecting towards partner agents, if necessary.


To best prepare for and capitalize the communication pre-test to the maximum, there must be an in depth study:

  • On the one hand, the material to be tested: the more this reflects your intention, both in form and in content, the more relevant and useful the results will prove for managing your communication actions.
  • On the other hand the targets: they must be chosen carefully as a function of the marketing objectives that the campaign will serve. For these two aspects, we offer to closely support you in this investment for a true decision making tool.


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