• Measure the performance level of your products/formulas and make sure   that they are in line with consumer   expectations.
  • Determine the right tools for optimization so that you can improve your level of competitiveness and safeguard your volume according to the challenges of the test (cost reduction, quality improvement, etc.).
  • Using the test, identify new opportunities for growth for new formulas/new products, to drive growth in the face of recruitment challenges.


Our methods consider consumer experience by establishing closer links to the reality of consumption and by addressing real consumers, to ensure the most predictive lessons and to help in making the right decision (optimization of R.O.E.). The product tests designed by PRS INVIVO let you think about the two major actors in decision making (360° approach) R&D and Marketing:

  • 1- R&D Challenge: Identify the key determinants of performance via multi-varied analysis, on which the revised version can be managed and simulated using modeling.
  • 2- Marketing Challenge: Align the strength of income to the benefit of ON Pack, in view of building stronger MIX, guaranteeing volume. PRS INVIVO draws on its 20 years experience and a database of more than 25,000 references.


Products change in competitive markets, where the Pack and the brand are not enough to guarantee success: 60% of volumes come from repeat purchases; it is therefore critical to develop a good product. “You can’t produce a successful brand & Pack, without producing a good product first”: Jeremy Bullmore. But developing a good product is no longer enough. Brands must strive for excellence to complete this Challenge: to succeed in creating a unique sensory experience, by optimizing real tools of differentiation in the market.


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