Quality Monitoring allows you to assess the interactions with your customers and measure the quality of the services delivered by your internal and external teams (adherence to the processes, adherence to the call plan, adherence to the guidelines for communication with a customer, etc.) for:

  • Following the performance and standards indicators (ISO or Afnor)
  • Calculating your bonus/penalty system
  • Identifying the assistance your team may need
  • Improving the first contact resolution rate


Built on the base of a vast experience in Quality Monitoring measuring, the Hubicus tools meet all of your quality monitoring needs. The platform lets you:

  • Create and modify evaluation sheets with full independence and in an intuitive manner
  • Follow the change in the performance of your associates in real time
  • Making the results available to each associate lets them be a part of the continual improvement system, which will foster reactivity and efficiency
  • Fix the evaluation objectives directly in the solution to be able to significantly increase the number of evaluations performed.


Choose factual evaluation criteria and share them with your associates. Give each associate in the company access to the results and have them become part of your customer central approach. Mix evaluations with “hot” satisfaction surveys.