Internal studies or the social climate contribute to the agility required of organizations to:

  • Measure the commitment of associates, their satisfaction and/or their well being at work
  • Evaluate the progress of the transformation, adherence to the company’s project
  • Identify the action levers and make sure the stakeholders use them


Our methodologies and questions are tailor made, consistent with the needs and values of our clients. We support you and advise you during your entire project, from the design of the system to its implementation or its understanding by the stakeholders, and more specifically:

  • Development of the questionnaire, communication about the challenges of the survey and the use of the collection system
  • Analysis and assimiliation of the results, using Workshops and the development of action plans. Our analyses rely on benchmarks that allow us to compare your results with the standards of comparable companies.


The success of the system rests in great part on the adherence of the greatest possible number in the survey project. In this sense, the involvement of local management, both in advance and afterwards, is a gauge of success both in terms of participation and in ownership of the lesson that will lead to a path of action.


Laurent Bernelas
Directeur d’activité Interne et Corporate