The knowledge and understanding of the market, as seen from the perspective of consumer behaviors, is vital for managing your activities. In addition to measuring the market share of the various participants in your sector, case studies help you evaluate their size and, using this data, to understand the purchase mix, churn or switches and to identify the competitive challenges with various customer targets.


The major challenge of case studies is the compilation of a truly representative sample, especially when we are talking about the most discriminating customer behavior within the market studied. BVA’s knowledge and expertise optimizes its collection method, the selection of survey bases, the definition of the sampling plan and the modification rules so that the various biases of the survey will be reduced as much as possible.

TWe make sure that these measures are appropriate through a systematic monitoring of market share, using the market data of industry sources (retailer panels, professional organizations, etc.) and by macro structure algorithms. The analysis that results from this relies on a full understanding of market mechanisms, to be able to take full advantage of strategic movements and to prioritize action plans based on target customers.


To be truly relevant, a case study should cover all proposals in the market. You should start with the customer need that you want to analyse and identify all of the proposals that meet this need, including emerging alternative proposals that may indicate weak indications of a change in market structure.

The choice of the representative variables determines the level of measurements and must be defined based on a full understanding of the elements that comprise the behavior of the various types of customers.


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