In the world of the future, where instability has become the norm, where the hyper-fragmenation of space and time shifts our relationship to the world, to others and even to ourselves, and where information overload makes judgement difficult…

Trends help us to understand this complexity, decoding the changes that are occurring in your ecosystem, supplying reference points and identifying the advantages you should be optimizing. To generate new insights, detect opportunities for innovation, identify emerging needs and create new product/service/relation concepts, to reveal potential scenarios, to share ideas internally and nurture them.


The bias of of a socio-anthropological approach, multi-sector and multi-country supported, with a consumer/marketing expert cross-view, forward looking inspiration and reflection, so as to better understand complexity, establish working trends in a socio-political context that look beyond strategic and marketing challenges.

The foundation of BVA Trends: total immersion in the great shifts of today, using a clear frame of reference that rests on 4 structural dimensions that redefine the world of consumption. A thorough analysis of the 16 most important societal trends, evidenced by numerous international   and trans-sectoral examples and by expert opinion.

From themed or sector based Special Issues that focus directly on the trends that affect your business.

Customized support from our Trend experts to foster ideas and solutions.


To pay attention to changes and to keep your eyes and ears open, without being over whelmed by information overload. To open your eyes and be inspired, while keeping your feet on the ground.

Our belief: mobilizing the members of a project team around the concept of change,   in a collaborative/creative dynamic, and drawing them together is essential for the project to progress.


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